2. Polymer plate (at Smokey Road Press)


  3. New work coming soon—here’s a taste. #design #broadside (at Aspen Heights Athens)


  4. Thanks @commarts for the award—got my certificate today! Representing @typecon 2012 😜.


  5. First day at Smokey Road was great! Excited to work on these centuries old machines.


  6. Guess what! this design is up for sale! Limited edition prints available by contacting me. 

    This is a typographic poster quoting psychologist William James, explaining his theory of how physical behavior and emotion interact. The limited edition prints were made at an AIGA Atlanta event using HP’s digital printer and various Neenah stock. The artwork fills a space of 11” x 17” and there is extra room outside the crop marks for matting. Editions 1, 4, 5, 10, 11–14 are printed on a smooth/vellum finish stock [$50]. Editions 7–9 are printed on a laid/woven finish stock [$70]. Editions 15–19 are printed on a somewhat stippled/cotton finish stock [$60]. I will mail these to you, just let me know the address and which finish you want. All hand signed by me!

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  7. photojojo:

    For his In the Round series, Pep Ventosa walked in a circle around trees while furiously snapping photos. Afterwards, be stitched together the images to form a 360° view of the tree and its surroundings.

    Trees Photographed in a 360° Orbit

    via Reddit

    oh i love this and the outcome is stunning



  9. here’s a little sneak peak for yall of the resume i designed for my brother, a crazy intelligent and talented software engineer. he’s kind of a big deal so he needed a smart and exciting resume to match. three of the icons used in his information section were from The Noun Project, a great resource to help get this resume designed quickly.

    © 2013 Kory Gabriel


  10. foodtrucker:

    I simultaneously want to sleep in bed forever and do everything in the world

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  12. amalgamco:

    A sneak peek of some great work coming out of our partnership with The Okefenokee Swamp Park!

    Some awesome work i’m doing on the side. Meeting Dr. Clark tomorrow!


  13. theonlymagicleftisart:

    Print + iPhone Case + more at WORDS BRAND™ x Society6. T-Shirt + more in the WORDS BRAND™ US Store and EU Store.


  14. sarahclawrence:

    Up for a week, and collected over 150 memories. I’m finding a good tweet queue program and then I’ll have them posting one a day until they’re all up. 

    Thank you, so much. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    awesome project sarah!


  15. This past Saturday UGA Swim Club had our end of year party with some banquet style events at the beginning including awards for outstanding members. Here are a few samples of some certificates I designed and printed on my trusty Epson (while the guests were arriving no less). For the certificates, I designed some borders reminiscent of tail fins and waves to reference our club’s spirit of the Dawgfish, and placed the logotype into a little seal as the official stamp from the officers.

    To give a little more background about the logotype and full signature, here’s a shot of our Swim Club Facebook cover photo which is also used on our official website.

    This year I designed the logo for Swim Club using a sleek and dynamic mark for “UGA” combined with type set in ONRAMP (a typeface I found on Lost Type, designed by Michael Spitz) for “Swim Club.” I added a little dimension to the logotype with the supporting words and season years around it for the t-shirt.

    I have been a member of UGA’s Swim Club for all four years of my college career and have loved every minute of it. It has been an key part of my university life and it wouldn’t have been worth anything if it wasn’t for the friends I made and the experiences we shared. Much love!!!